Monday, December 31, 2007

Matching cushion cover

Ok here I am again to let you know whats on my needles. Last night I started this cushion cover to match my steering wheel cover for my car.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Not sure of these socks

I started working on these socks back in Nov. but put them down to do christmas gifts and today when I picked them back up I am not sure if I still like them. I started them before in a deep pink colour and did not like the way that they were to tigth so this one is better but, I guess it's just taking too long to make up. Maybe I will try working on something else for the time until I feel up to these again or until I feel like frogging them to use the yarn for another project.

New years

Here I am trying to keep up with the time of blogging I don't know how people can do it every day. I would rather be sitting and knitting in my spare time. Christmas was good everyone like the gifts that I made. I am going to try and post daily and take a picture of whats on my needles for all to see. Yesterday I did up another pair of socks for my sons friends Birthday . One day to knit this up on size 3.25mm

Monday, December 10, 2007

New pattern

This one is a Steering wheel cover it is univeral can fit most cars and can be removed for washing( because I know how easy they can get dirty by the mechanic working on your car).

Yarn of any sort that is soft and fluffy. In my photos I used Bernat Bling Bling, Baby Lash and Boa
Needles: size No 8 (5mm) 24in circulars.
Elastic: 1/2in X 3 feet cut in half(2 peices at 18in).

Cast on 130 st place marker and knit in the round for 6 in. Cast off.

Fold 1/2in and sew a seam and insert elastic. Do the same with the other edge fold and sew , insert elastic.

All done enjoy your new steering wheel cover.