Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Year

Well the new year has arrived and I have been busy with my puppies. I still have one puppy left looking for a new home. He is 3 months old now. The puppies were ready yo go at 6 weeks but because it was Dec. 23 too close to Christmas I didn't advertise, only because I don't want them to go to someone buying for a gift and the person getting the gift doesn't want it. It is a really big job taking care of a puppy. Sure they are cute but they need work too.

Update the puppies are all gone to new homes. I was a little ticked off with the one lady that told me her sad story, so I reduced my asking price to make her and her (everyone laughs at her) daughter be able to get a puppy. Some how it wasn't supposed to be she didn't come to get the dog and I did get my asking price from another lady.

Enough of the puppies I have been busy with birthday gifts for my childrens friends. My son has yet another B.D. party to go to for this weekend and I need to get a couple pair of socks done. My daugther has a B.D. party for March 1st and I would like to make Sheldon for her. I have already done one and now working on a second one.