Saturday, May 31, 2008

More little things

Here I go again no knitting to show off but I did get more hair cuts done three of them. Two of them were their first hair cut and they were well behaved. Here we have a piture of Duke. For those of you who know me on Raverly his the puppy in my avaitar


What a good looking dog, this was his first hair cut.


Enough of him and on to the next one. This one is Cosmo, it is also his first hair cut.


And last of the dog photos today is Biscute, she is always good but shy.

Now to let you all se the progress of the baby birds. They are getting bigger and we are able to see them in the nest. They all have their heads sticking out, they are too big to hide in the nest. Soon they will be off flying around I hope to see this when it happens and if I do I will try to get pictures for all you to see.


Here is one last picture that We want to share, Its the kids playing with their guitars and having fun.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Something To think About

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Movie Reviews

Here is something I just found and makes me think of what I am capiable of, did you ever thing of what your able to do? Go check it out.

Life's little things

About two weeks ago a robin started to build a nest in my porch. I asked my husband how long does it take them to build the nest, his reply was "I don't know I never built one". Ya thats a good one neither have I, I told him. It took about 2 days, now we have a nest and we have been keeping our eyes open and watching, the mother on father take turns sitting. Now we see 4 little heads popping out looking for food. The birds take turns feeding them. I was lucky enough to snap a picture and not scare them here is a couple of pictures to share with all of you who enjoy nature.


This is with the bird sitting and keeping the little ones warm.


Here they are quiet and sleeping.


This one you can see two of the four babies looking for the food.


This last one shows three of the four babies. I didn't want to take to many pictures and scare of the parent only because they may not come back to take care of the little ones.

Hope you enjoy the photos and have yourself a good day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Hair cuts

Yes I have done more dog hair cuts. I did Kesha on Friday but forgot to take her picture. Then it rained all weekend so the day was dull. Yesterday was not to bad so I did Star's hair cut. I just went out now to get pictures and the day looks like rain again. Here is the lovely Kesha she was 8yrs on April 24, she's my oldest.


Now as for Star she is 2 yrs, I have so many I tend to forget which is which. Here is a picture of her hair cut.



I did both hair cuts with the scizzors since I can't find the blades for my razor and I don't want to buy a new set they are very costly.

Ok Kathy asked a question, I will answer. There are fancy snaps that need a small tool that puts them on to the fabric and has a nice outer button. The one I used was just the sew on type because there would be metal on the inside of the case and I don't want the Ipod to get scratched. I did use the fancy snaps for the baby cable sweater that I had posted it you are intrested in seeing them.

No yarn deals for this posting and no finished knitting to be posted. I am still working on the tee shirt, I have started another pair of monkey socks with a twist. The first sock is finished and working on the heel of the second. I still have the gift I am working on for the swap I am in just needs sewing. One more thing I started was socks for my husband, since he has been wearing holes and need new one and bugging me "When are you gonna make me my socks". So I started those for him. Thats all for today, till next time God Bless.

Friday, May 16, 2008

More Yarn

Well I went into the recylce store yesterday and got myself a great deal, more yarn. So it is red heart and it is acrylic, but it is still yarn. I will make a blanket with some of it and the rest I will make socks.


Now there are three balls of the green and three balls of the burgandy. One ball of the darker beige and five balls of the lighter beige. Now I got all twelve balls for only $12.

Here I made a second ipod case and liked the first one so much that I decided to make one for the nano ipod, I just used less stitches and it worked out fine, fits the ipod like a glove.


Well I am of to see what deals I can find for today, You have yourself a great day and don't forget to knit..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ipod Case

I got myself a video Ipod so I can watch the Knitting video podcast and of course I would have to make a case so I won't scratch it. So here is My picture of the finished case.


Here it is and it fits like a glove.


I still have no more knitting done since the last one just too busy with working outside doing the spring cleaning. Sure feels good to get outside with all that fresh spring air. Have yourself a good day and God blessyou.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. Today I got some flowers to share with all of you.


Here is a couple of close up shots.


Of course my kids made me cards at school, I just love all the little things that they make. I try to keep everything but it's hard because I would end up with a room full, I know thats what my mom did and there was five of us kids.

Every one have a great mother's day and God Bless.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Swap Package

Have you ever done a swap?

I have done the tiny wee sock one Oops I forgot to post a picture of the sock I recieved I will do that right now for all you to see here it is.


Ok what happened was, it was taking a long time for the wee sock to get here so she made me a second one with some pretty stitch markers. The second sock did not take as long to get here and now I have a pair. They are cute.

Now on to the swap package I joined a group on Raverly "Swap on a Budget". I sent off my package on the 29 of April and recieved mine in the mail just yesterday. I enjoyed doing it I might just do it again.


I got Sock yarn my favorite. I really enjoy making socks only because everyone wears them, and they are great little gifts. Here is a picture of the package I got.

Now everbody enjoy your day, and God Bless.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Not much happining in my world. I have only finished one pair of socks. Here's the picture. Monkey Socks.


But I do have my knitting spurt back. I have started a gift for a Swap I am in on Ravelry, She knows who I am and know my blog so I will not tell what I am doing until I have it all completed and sent to her in the mail. I also have started another Tee shirt using the pattern "T3" from the knitty web site. It is working up fine. I am still on the first piece, the back. No dog hair cuts this week the weather is awful rain here this morning, but they are calling for sun, Yay.

Well that is all I have for this post I am hoping that the next post won't take as long as this one did. God Bless until next time. Oh I almost forgot I have started another crochet monkey. I only forgot because I am not working on it much. I have only the mouth and the head started, but once I get into it it shouldn't take to long. My daughter got the first one I made so this one is for my son and yes he wants the same colours. Oh well as long as they like them. Until next time take care.