Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More monkeys

Well I finally finished the second monkey for my son he wanted one when I made the first one. My daugther got the first and here is a photo of the two of them the one on the left is the one I just finished and the one on the right is my daugthers.


I am in a little critter swap on ravelry so that is going to me my next project I have already started it and will be done it later today if all things go well. I won't post any pictures of it until I am done mailing it off and she receives it. I am also working on a pikachu for my son he likes them sort of things. I will post pictures when I am finished that as well.

I went back into walmart and bought some more of the yarn from my last post, it's such a good deal I can't say no. Now what to make with all of it. I would like to make a felted bag, and maybe try some of the felted slippers. This time I bought blues, greens and reds.
This is all for today, Have yourself a great day and knit something you like. God Bless.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The birds are back

Yes you read it right. The robin is back sitting in the nest, no signs of little ones yet but soon I am guessing. I checked it out, the robins have 2 to 3 nest a year. So I am going have more bird dropping on my step soon.

Enough of them on to my knitting. I got more yarn yes more yarn on sale this time at a $1 a ball for 100% wool. I plan on making a felted bag. Here is the photo of the yarn.


This is all I found when I was in the store, but I went back two days later and they must have put out more so me I bought more the second one is green and I got only 6 balls (thats all there was, if there was more I would have proably got more).

Ok I sent off the bag that I made for the swap I was telling you about and she recieved it yesterday and I am so glad that she likes it. Here is the picture I can now share with all of you. I didn't line it ( I still need to line the two I made for myself, I am not sure how but I will get to it) she is going to.


I am not to sure on how to link to her blog but here goes this is her picture of the bag and all the goodies I sent
Now if this doesn't work and you want to check it out its maternal madness knits in my blog list on the side. Well it didnt work maybe someone could help me out and tell me how to post a link (in the comments) Thank you.

This is all I have for this posting I hope to get to post more often in the future I am a little behind only because I was having computer troubles and got it all sorted out now I hope. God Bless and have yourself a great day.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Finished yet another sweater

Here I finally finished the t-shirt that I have been telling you all about that I have been knitting for awhile. I am glad that it is done and now that it is finished I love it. It fits great and I want to make up another one with different colour yarn. Here is the picture of me wearing it.


I have a pair of socks on the needles for my husband only because he has been wearing them out and only has a few pairs left in his drawer and needs more. I also have finished the crochet monkey for my son but it still needs sewing. I completed the project for the swap I am in, as soon as she gets it I will post pictures of it for you to see. I will be sending it off in the mail tomorrow.Thats about all the news I have to share for this post. Have yourself a great day.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Swap Package

It's all gone. I put everything in and tried to publish this post and there was a error, Boy that makes me mad now I have to retype in everthing and all the pictures too. Oh way here goes.

I got my swap package and here are the photos to share with you all. This one was you make something for someone and that someone makes something for you. I have until June 15th to send her, her package. I am still sewing it, I hate sewing. I have finished the T3 (t-shirt) needs to be sewed now, I also finished my sons monkey it need to be sewed also. I miss my mother she used to sew things for me. She is now gone 9yrs, Cancer. enough of that here are the pictures to share .


There is a sweater for my dog, a felted bowl, chocolate(everyone loves chocolate), note pad, stitch markers, a tape measure that she painted a sheep on, scarves paterns, a book that I just love, and a TY. Here is a close up picture of the book.


My daughter loves the TY she had to get a close up shot of that too here it is.


I am not sure what else I had put in the error post but here goes I am going to try and post this one hope there is no error this time. Have yourself a great day and God bless.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fly away

All the little birds are gone. I did get to see them off and took some pictures for you to see. here is the first one, running away.


He is there in the middle if you can see him.
Here is one of the three of them left with the mother feeding them.


Here is the second one hideing from me in the bush,but I snaped a picture of him anyway.


The next picture I have is of the third one down on the porch just wondering which way to run.


Here is the last one wonder when did everyone go?


This is all I have for the birds, They didn't come back. Now I get to clean the porch when they left all the droppings. My son took a picture of that too but I don't think that you all need to see the mess that they left. This is all for this posting God bless and have yourself a wonderful day.