Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Knitted Toys

More knitted toys, My daughter has a Birthday Party to go to this weekend and I am never to sure of what gift to give. Now a days people just give gift cards, but I like to give something handmade and unique. I am working on another toy for the party, but if I don't have time to finish it I will give this one.

I have been thinking about starting my own podcast, but yes but, I don't think I will only because I can not be consistent on updating my blog weekly. Besides I wouldn't know what to talk about. What would you talk about on a podcast anyway. There are alot of knitting podcast out there already.

I have done more knitting but just haven't gotten around to taking pictures. I have made two felted bags just because the first one I didn't like. I would have made another one if the second one didn't turn out. I will try to getting around to taking photos and posting for you to see.

My son turned 10 yesterday and I didn't make him anything but I did get him a mp3 cd player something that he wanted, only because he likes to use mine. He is the little guy in the picture of the soctopus toy above. Thats all for now so take care and God Bless.