Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scallop edge pullover

Here I am with another finished sweater, from the magazine Knit simple.


Here is a close up shot.


I am not very happy with it I wanted to make it longer so I added an inch, but I should have added 2 inches.

Have yourself a good day an God Bless all who read my blog.


Jackie said...

Hey I really like the edge on that sweater. I am still working on mine. Sighs, I get bored with it and put it away for awhile. I really need to get it finished as our oldest son has put in requests for some baby afghans. I do have one in my stash made up, but he wants the other in neutral colors.

Sandy said...

I like the sweater & am amazed as to how perfectly you do the button holes. As for the length, I think it is fine. Many women wear the shorter lengths these days, just to hit the top of their jeans. Not me-=I have had 4 kids & you can tell!