Friday, October 17, 2008

Nothing Happening

Not much happening just doning the regular daily things. My puppies are just about ready to go they will be 6 weeks on the 20th. I have sure learned alot since having my first litter. I use to soften their food everyday and twice a day when they get bigger, but this time I did just a bit at 3 weeks and now I don't at all and they have their teeth coming in and eating the hard food. Makes it much easier for the people who buy them. Well here is a picture of them just a few days before they are ready to go.

Here is a picture of a doll that I wanted to make a dress for. So I made up a little knit in the round dress and not too bad of a fit. I just used some left over sock yarn.

Here is a little bear that I made up last night only took a couple of hours, now I need to put a face on him.

I am still working on the bamboo sweater. I did get the back finished and I cast on the front, it's half way done shouldn't be too long now. Then I can post pictures for you to see.
Have you self a great weekend and I hope to post sooner and not take so long in letting you know what I have been knitting. God Bless


Katie O said...

Oh my, those pups r so cute. i want one! well, someday i do!

Jackie said...

Your fur babies are getting bigger everyday.

God bless.