Monday, July 14, 2008


Well I finished a second bunny and I even went outside with the camera to see if I could find the rabbits, what do you know when I go looking for them I don't see them and every other time I went out without the camera there they are hopping around. I did manage to get a picture of a small rabbit out near the swing look close in the picture to see him.


He's right in the middle can you see him? Here is a picture of the finished bunnies.


I think they are cute, I think I will make more. Have yourself a great day and God Bless you.


Domie's Mom said...

I love them! Great pattern. We also have a bunch of BUNNIES living around here. I love those little cotton tails! :)

Jackie said...

I just love your colour choices. Have a great week.

So far no real bunnies here, they just run through the yard in the winter.

God bless