Monday, July 7, 2008

Not much Happening in my world

Just thought I would put in a little post to let all you readers know that I am still here and not much happening.

I do have socks on the needles and the lovely sweater that I won from old mill knitting just have the first ball done and my size calls for 6 balls so 5 more to go. I also have the swap package on my needles but I will have to wait until I send it of to my partner to let you all see that or even tell you what it is.

Now for the pictures of what I am up to this morning. Not much but a lot of hard work. We picked 8 baskets yesterday and now they are in the pot cooking for jam. We must have eating a whole basket by now everyone just loves strawberries. We also got a basket of wild blueberries just one little 3lt basket and my hubby like to eat them with cream. We want to get more but the lady we bought them from says there are not alot out there so we will get what we can. I would like to make blueberry spread if I can get enough.


Don't they look good. I still need to clean 3 more baskets. I will just put them into the freezer for the winter months when we can't get them fresh. We like to make milkshakes and yogurt drinks from them. Now I am off to jar the jam they are all done cooking, have yourself a great day and God Bless.

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Jackie said...

Those strawberries look fantastic. Hope you enjoyed making your jam.

God bless.