Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I finished the pair of socks that I was doing. Here they are just trying to use up bits of left over yarn and my husband likes the different colours anyway.


I forgot to let you all know about the birds no I didn't take pictures this time and besides we didn't get to see them leave the nest this time but there was four of them the were gone yesterday. I am wondering if there will be more.

I did up all my Jam wow what a job that was. I did 28 jars, now we shall be good for a while. I like to make my own jam only because I know whats in them and store bougth jam you can never be too sure whats in it. Have yourself a good day.

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Jackie said...

I love all the colours in those socks as well. A wonderful way to use up all the bits.

God bless.