Monday, August 4, 2008

Bernat Sox

I finished my plain Bernat Sox yes I said plain. I used the pattern on the inside of the ball band, next pair I make I want to make some fancy socks. But I need to make socks for my son he only has two in the drawer for the winter and before long it will be here. I might as well get ready for it.


This pair is for my daugther only because she likes blue, one of her favorite colours. Now with the left over yarn I will make her a tissue cozy. Now I get to start a new project. Yay... what to start humm I was thinking of doing an afghan but thats a big project. Maybe I will do crochet blocks and do a few now and then and over the time I will get one done. I still need to finish my sweater, but I am working on it. God Bless and have yourself a great day..

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Jackie said...

Love the socks. I really do have to learn how to knit in the round. I have a pattern for two needle socks, but in no way do they look as nice as yours.

God bless.