Sunday, August 24, 2008

Current work in progress

Here is the picture of the socks I am working on, this is still the first sock. I feel that I am a slow knitter in the summer time only because there is so much work to be done outside.

Here is the Bubby that I made I am not sure if I will send this off to my swap partner or if I should make something else. Yes I am in another swap this one is amigurumi swap over on "". This pattern I got from Knitty.

Here Is the picture of the little bag I felted.Its only 3 in tall. The heart is the button that I need to sew on. I think it's cute.

This Picture is of the sweater that I won from The Old Mill Knitting web site. I am still working on the back as you can see. This is taking me a long time to do because I need to consentrate the pattern is p2 k1 p2 k3 rep. I get mixed up if I don't.

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Jackie said...

My knitting projects seem to take longer in the summer as well. I would much rather be outside playing in the dirt.

God bless.