Saturday, December 13, 2008

Well I am back

Sorry to all you readers who might have missed me. I have been busy, all the puppies have found homes, for all you that are wondering about them. Now I did get another litter, this one was three, one boy and two girl they were born Nov. 11th , Remembance Day for us here in Canada. I will post pictures for you to see, as soon as I take some.

I also have been busy with the christmas knitting and yet to post in the Holiday Kal Cal all my pictures (I still need to take those as well).

Not much more happening besides all the snow we have been getting and it's still snowing now. I am hopping to get back into posting regular, That only if anyone out there has missed me. Please leave a commet and let me know. God Bless and talk to you soon. Have yourself a wonderful day.

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Jackie said...

I am glad all your little pups found new loving homes.

We are finally getting some snow here on the prairies. Mind you we are also getting the -44 C temperatures once you factor in the windchill.

God bless.