Friday, April 18, 2008

New toy

Ok here I am again this time with my sweater all finished up and it fits great. This time I am happy with the finished project (I can see myself actually wearing this one). No one is up to take a picture of me wearing it so this one will have to do.


It has a hood, I was thinking of putting a front pocket but then it migth be too bulky. The yarn is light for those cool summer evenings and for the fall.I might even wear it today. I need to go to the hospital for a mamogram (eeeh yuk). Every thing is alright for those of you who might be worried no lumps or anything. My mother had Breast cancer and past away just over 9 years ago and my Dr. is just making sure things are ok.

Now on to the new toy, yes I bought myself this only because I found it cute here's the picture.


Yes it's a i-cord machine. It works great. I did up this i-cord in about an hour. The cord measure just over 10 ft. My daugther has the spool one and does it by hand and it has taken her over 6 mths to make one about the same length. Here is a photo of hers.


Well that is all for this time around oh one more thing what I am now working on, I do have another pair of socks on the needles and I have a knitted bag. Just about done the bag so a few days I will have finished photos to show to everyone, enjoy your day and God Bless.


Jackie said...

That machine is just the cutest thing. Hmmm, another gadget for knitting, love it.

I really like your hooded sweater. Depending on the weight of your yarn I think a pocket on the front would be perfect. Kind of like a knitted hoodie which I have seen for sale in a lot of stores this year.

God bless.

Kathy said...

Oh I love the little peopel/doll knit widget. Thanks for being a regular at irisheyes.. You are IN the regulars contest. :)

EJ said...

Funny - I just got one of those i-cord makers as a gift. Isn't it fabulous once you get the hang of it?

Just wanted to say hi.