Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Here we are having rain this morning Yuk.. What I have been up too, not much. I had to get my oil change for my car on Monday and they noticed my rigth front outer tie-rod needed to be changed. I knew that there was a little noise in there but didn't want to spend more money. I did get it done and didn't cost as much as I was thinking, good for me.

Good thing I got one more dogs hair cut yesterday. No hair cuts today not in the rain but I still have 6 more to do. Here is a picture of little Dasiy she is the youngest of my herd and also the smallest.


The kids love to take pictures so they went nuts with the camera and took about 20 pictures so here is the best ones. This one is a close up of her head, she is mostly black.


No I still haven't started any thing new for my knitting and I am still working on the first sock. I think that this is the longest sock I have ever made, I just don't feel up to knitting. At least other things are getting done so I won't complain. Have yourself a awsome day and God bless.


knitting2relax said...

Daisy has such a sweet face!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Jackie said...

What I wouldn't give for a nice rain. Instead we get stuck with wet snow.

God bless.