Friday, June 6, 2008

Swap Package

It's all gone. I put everything in and tried to publish this post and there was a error, Boy that makes me mad now I have to retype in everthing and all the pictures too. Oh way here goes.

I got my swap package and here are the photos to share with you all. This one was you make something for someone and that someone makes something for you. I have until June 15th to send her, her package. I am still sewing it, I hate sewing. I have finished the T3 (t-shirt) needs to be sewed now, I also finished my sons monkey it need to be sewed also. I miss my mother she used to sew things for me. She is now gone 9yrs, Cancer. enough of that here are the pictures to share .


There is a sweater for my dog, a felted bowl, chocolate(everyone loves chocolate), note pad, stitch markers, a tape measure that she painted a sheep on, scarves paterns, a book that I just love, and a TY. Here is a close up picture of the book.


My daughter loves the TY she had to get a close up shot of that too here it is.


I am not sure what else I had put in the error post but here goes I am going to try and post this one hope there is no error this time. Have yourself a great day and God bless.

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Jackie said...

Hey, I have these exact same books. I really need to go through my knitting books more.