Thursday, June 19, 2008

The birds are back

Yes you read it right. The robin is back sitting in the nest, no signs of little ones yet but soon I am guessing. I checked it out, the robins have 2 to 3 nest a year. So I am going have more bird dropping on my step soon.

Enough of them on to my knitting. I got more yarn yes more yarn on sale this time at a $1 a ball for 100% wool. I plan on making a felted bag. Here is the photo of the yarn.


This is all I found when I was in the store, but I went back two days later and they must have put out more so me I bought more the second one is green and I got only 6 balls (thats all there was, if there was more I would have proably got more).

Ok I sent off the bag that I made for the swap I was telling you about and she recieved it yesterday and I am so glad that she likes it. Here is the picture I can now share with all of you. I didn't line it ( I still need to line the two I made for myself, I am not sure how but I will get to it) she is going to.


I am not to sure on how to link to her blog but here goes this is her picture of the bag and all the goodies I sent
Now if this doesn't work and you want to check it out its maternal madness knits in my blog list on the side. Well it didnt work maybe someone could help me out and tell me how to post a link (in the comments) Thank you.

This is all I have for this posting I hope to get to post more often in the future I am a little behind only because I was having computer troubles and got it all sorted out now I hope. God Bless and have yourself a great day.


Domie's Mom said...

The Armytauge is awesome for Koolaide dying!
Good stash score:)

Jackie said...

What a lovely haul of yarn you got. I noticed a few balls of a colour and type that I like on sale as well. I figure if it is meant to be I will be able to pick them up on Tuesday.

Love the bag.

God bless.