Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life's little things

About two weeks ago a robin started to build a nest in my porch. I asked my husband how long does it take them to build the nest, his reply was "I don't know I never built one". Ya thats a good one neither have I, I told him. It took about 2 days, now we have a nest and we have been keeping our eyes open and watching, the mother on father take turns sitting. Now we see 4 little heads popping out looking for food. The birds take turns feeding them. I was lucky enough to snap a picture and not scare them here is a couple of pictures to share with all of you who enjoy nature.


This is with the bird sitting and keeping the little ones warm.


Here they are quiet and sleeping.


This one you can see two of the four babies looking for the food.


This last one shows three of the four babies. I didn't want to take to many pictures and scare of the parent only because they may not come back to take care of the little ones.

Hope you enjoy the photos and have yourself a good day.


Kathy said...

I just love watching the little birds hatch and all. Thanks for a great pictorial. Are you my mother? THey are saying that.

knitting2relax said...

Great pictures!