Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Hair cuts

Yes I have done more dog hair cuts. I did Kesha on Friday but forgot to take her picture. Then it rained all weekend so the day was dull. Yesterday was not to bad so I did Star's hair cut. I just went out now to get pictures and the day looks like rain again. Here is the lovely Kesha she was 8yrs on April 24, she's my oldest.


Now as for Star she is 2 yrs, I have so many I tend to forget which is which. Here is a picture of her hair cut.



I did both hair cuts with the scizzors since I can't find the blades for my razor and I don't want to buy a new set they are very costly.

Ok Kathy asked a question, I will answer. There are fancy snaps that need a small tool that puts them on to the fabric and has a nice outer button. The one I used was just the sew on type because there would be metal on the inside of the case and I don't want the Ipod to get scratched. I did use the fancy snaps for the baby cable sweater that I had posted it you are intrested in seeing them.

No yarn deals for this posting and no finished knitting to be posted. I am still working on the tee shirt, I have started another pair of monkey socks with a twist. The first sock is finished and working on the heel of the second. I still have the gift I am working on for the swap I am in just needs sewing. One more thing I started was socks for my husband, since he has been wearing holes and need new one and bugging me "When are you gonna make me my socks". So I started those for him. Thats all for today, till next time God Bless.


Jackie said...

You are sure keeping busy!! The dogs look so cute in their new hair cuts.

God bless.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the snap explanation!

Doggies are darlin