Saturday, May 31, 2008

More little things

Here I go again no knitting to show off but I did get more hair cuts done three of them. Two of them were their first hair cut and they were well behaved. Here we have a piture of Duke. For those of you who know me on Raverly his the puppy in my avaitar


What a good looking dog, this was his first hair cut.


Enough of him and on to the next one. This one is Cosmo, it is also his first hair cut.


And last of the dog photos today is Biscute, she is always good but shy.

Now to let you all se the progress of the baby birds. They are getting bigger and we are able to see them in the nest. They all have their heads sticking out, they are too big to hide in the nest. Soon they will be off flying around I hope to see this when it happens and if I do I will try to get pictures for all you to see.


Here is one last picture that We want to share, Its the kids playing with their guitars and having fun.


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Jackie said...

You are very good at cutting your furry friends. Now they are all ready for the hot weather.