Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Swap Package

Have you ever done a swap?

I have done the tiny wee sock one Oops I forgot to post a picture of the sock I recieved I will do that right now for all you to see here it is.


Ok what happened was, it was taking a long time for the wee sock to get here so she made me a second one with some pretty stitch markers. The second sock did not take as long to get here and now I have a pair. They are cute.

Now on to the swap package I joined a group on Raverly "Swap on a Budget". I sent off my package on the 29 of April and recieved mine in the mail just yesterday. I enjoyed doing it I might just do it again.


I got Sock yarn my favorite. I really enjoy making socks only because everyone wears them, and they are great little gifts. Here is a picture of the package I got.

Now everbody enjoy your day, and God Bless.


Jackie said...

What a lovely surprise to receive in the mail. Sure hope you have fun with your sock yarn.

God bless.

Kathy said...

What pretty colors in the sock yarn!